Tekla Structures is a structural 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) software used in industries for steel and concrete Detailing. Tekla Structures is an integrated model-based 3D solution for managing multi- material databases. Tekla structures helps to create a structural model for the clients. Tekla structural model is of simple user defined connections.

Tekla Structures features are interactive modeling, structural analysis, design, and automatic drawing creation. Tekla Structures is a software tool used by structural engineers, detailers, structural steel fabricators and designers. Tekla is the most popular software. It helps to determine project budgets, general schedules and availability.

ASTS Global Education is global technical solutions provide Tekla Structures training for civil / Mechanical students. ASTS Global Education is a globally recognized and it has branches in Chennai, Bangalore and Dubai. For Career Growth and for more queries feel free to contact ASTS Global Education.

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