ASTS now in Pune!

Pune, one of the largest city in Maharashtra has evolved as an educational hub over the last few decades. The prime educational institutions, universities and the flow hundreds of students have paved way for this transformation. This highly potential city has much more to unfold. The most preferred degree by many students was B tech. […]

Delhi NCR welcomes ASTS Global Education

Achieving 10 years of success in imparting quality education in fields of oil & gas, petroleum, process engineering, piping and structural engineering industry, to hundreds of students across the nation has encouraged ASTS to grow further, as a result of which we start our very next branch at DELHI NCR. Delhi NCR well known for […]


Employers seek to hire pipe drafters and designer range for various companies. Among them are: engineering and construction companies operating companies architectural firms construction companies fabrication companies ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES Engineering and construction companies provide the design and layout of a facility. Many clients award the engineering and design phase of a project to […]


Carbon steel pipe can be manufactured using several different techniques, each of which produces a pipe with certain characteristics. These characteristics include strength, wall thickness, corrosion resistance, and temperature and pressure limitations. For example, pipes having the same wall thickness but manufactured by different methods may vary in strength and pressure limits. The manufacturing methods […]

PDMS Training

AVEVA PDMS Training by ASTS Global Education

ASTS Global Education is an internationally growing organization in Oil & gas, Piping and Structural Engineering design and Analysis. ASTS Global Education is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified and Internationally accredited institution. They boast of a strong history and their  presence across 4 major cities in the world, adds to their aura. The sole mission of […]

Piping engineering in Hyderabad

Piping engineering design institute in Hyderabad

ASTS Global has one of its branch located in Hyderabad with the best infrastructure and amenities. ASTS provide the major courses in PG diploma in piping engineering design & analysis, certification in piping engineering, certification in structural engineering design & analysis, Oil & gas production technology, Oil & gas drilling technology, Aveva PDMS training, Marine/Offshore structural engineering and solar power engineering. […]


Piping is a Complex network of pipe & fittings within the defined boundaries of the plant.Whereas the pipeline is Series of straight pipe welded together over a long distance. For example, West-East Pipeline in china is 8,200 KMs longs. Piping System carries Fluids from & to various equipment within a plant boundary. Fluids like oil, […]

Piping Engineering in Hyderabad

Piping engineering is an emerging engineering science, although it has been there for years. Pipes are crucial for any plants, so are the individuals who help in creating plans and designs to make the sufficient piping system for a facility. The article draws light on the importance of piping engineering courses As an academic discipline, […]