Civil Engineering

Structural engineering is engineering discipline that deals with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. Structural engineering is usually considered as a sub discipline of civil engineering. Structural engineers work is mostly designing of buildings and large non building structures, The designs of Structural engineers must satisfy given design criteria, predicated on or serviceability and performance.

Structural Engineering Covers three kind of software Auto Cad is a 2D drafting Software, Tekla is a Building Information Modeling software and Staddpro is an analyze software used by ASTS Global Education.

ASTS Global Education provide Structural Engineering training for civil / Architecture  as well as to the upcoming breed of engineering students and professionals, to cater to the industry needs. Structural Engineering training programs have been devised to meet the industry needs not only locally but also at the international standards. For Career Growth and for more queries feel free to contact ASTS Global Education.

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