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Why Piping design is one of the best career options for Mechanical Engineers?

When a student pass out from engineering college after completing Mechanical Engineering, there is a very big confusion facing him, where to go ? The first option for most of the students from middle class families is to get a job immediately via campus interview. Many such students eventually get selected in Campus interview and pursue jobs totally different from their field of study. Many students of Mechanical, Civil, electrical , Instrumentation and Chemical engineering branches are hired by IT companies for coding work. They happily join these companies and start learning coding soon, so what they learned as basics in their field of study becomes waste.

Some students go for doing higher education in India and abroad and later land up with MNC’s outside India, never to return. Some students join their family business and run the same or go for MBA course. Do to lack of guidance and research opportunities, many students migrate to metro cities and start searching for jobs, our metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi etc are overcrowded with engineers now days. These students are not employable and land up in low paying jobs.

Most of the engineering colleges in our country do not counsel their students what to do and where to go after completing their degree. The basic reason is the lack of knowledge of faculty members who has only bookish knowledge and never care to guide the students. The worst part is that students don’t know what to do and where to go after completing degree, most of them land up in wrong jobs and spoil their career.

So, what is the solution ?


Technically and professionally oriented, a specialization will deepen your knowledge on your area of study.. Normally, a specialization is preferred by recent graduates and the average duration is six month, which may vary a little depending on the country you choose and on your field of study. At the end, you will receive a Specialist certificate.

Now let us tell you about piping design.

Piping design is an excellent career option for Mechanical engineers, it is not suitable for everyone. If you love design engineering and love imagination and creativity, piping design field will suit you lot. If you never like design engineering, please do not purse this option as a career. Piping design is almost 99% technical job, you need have good IQ, imagination, knowledge and willingness to learn, to become a successful piping engineer. If you love design, then you need to acquire piping design skills after you complete your Mechanical engineering degree.

The best way is to do a basic piping design course, the best education you can get is from ASTS Global Education.

It will take 3 to 6 months to acquire piping design skills, you need to learn as much as possible during this period. Once you acquire the basic skills, make a good BIO-DATA and start applying for jobs, I am sure eventually you will land up with a job in piping design. Stick to the field, keep learning, it will take minimum 10 years for you to become a full blown piping engineer. You must not change your field in between other than piping, also do not run behind money. Change job every 3-5 years, and you must work with different EPC companies in Oil and gas, power, infrastructure and in period of 10 years, you become a full blown piping engineer.

Now the choice is yours, if you like, choose piping design as a career and enjoy the rest of your life.

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2 thoughts on “Why Piping design is one of the best career options for Mechanical Engineers?

  1. Times have changed and with the advancement in technology these tools are indeed an empowerment to the new generation. Job opportunities for piping designers are best for those with at least two years of postsecondary training.

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