Isometric Dimensions, Notes, And Callouts

Length dimensions and informational notes or callouts are used on isometrics to define the pipe’s exact routing through a facility. Placement of dimensions on the drawing establishes precise lengths between fittings, valves, equipment connections, etc. Information such as coordinates, elevations, nozzle projection, pipe size, and pound rating are used to calculate lengths of a run of pipe. […]

Bengaluru, We’re Back!

Despite whatever careful planning you may have done, we’re betting COVID-19 has thrown a bit of a wrench in things. Since early this year, we had to close our physical locations in accordance with local regulations. However, we are now starting to open up and relax restrictions. We’re all set to open ASTS Bengaluru branch […]


There are several methods for joining pipe together.The three methods we will focus on are  butt-welded (BW), screwed (Scrd), and socket-weld (SW).   Butt-Weld Connections Butt-Weld Connections A butt-weld joint is made by welding the beveled ends of pipe together.      Screwed or Threaded Connections Typically used on pipe 3 and smaller, threaded connections are […]


Pipe Drafting and Design | An Overview

In the design of an industrial facility, engineers develop process flow sheets, set up project specifications and design or select equipment. The design drafters use the information supplied by engineers and equipment vendors and applies the knowledge and experience gained in the office and field to design and layout the facility. In the design and layout of an industrial complex, thousands of […]

3D Modelling of Piping Systems

One advancement in piping software that has produced a wealth of design and construction possibilities is 3D computer modeling. Though not new, this technology is now available to most PC-based CAD users. Previously, 3D computer modeling could be performed only on expensive mainframe or super-mini computers having large amounts of available memory. Continuous improvements in PC hardware and the availability […]