3D Modelling of Piping Systems

One advancement in piping software that has produced a wealth of design and construction possibilities is 3D computer modeling. Though not new, this technology is now available to most PC-based CAD users. Previously, 3D computer modeling could be performed only on expensive mainframe or super-mini computers having large amounts of available memory. Continuous improvements in PC hardware and the availability of CAD software have made 3DE modeling the preferred method of producing piping drawings. Some of the available 3D pipe modeling software packages are  AVEVA PDMSCaesarAVEVA PDMS AdministrationAVEVA Everything 3D(E3D) and Smart Plant 3D(SP3D)


One of the advantages of a 3D model over conventional drawings is an improved ability to show clearly what occurs during the design phase of a piping facility. Chemical plants, refineries and other types of piping facilities are very complex. Frequently vast numbers, sizes and types of pipe, equipment, and other components must be assembled to complete a project. Even seasoned piping designers find it difficult to clearly understand the scope of the project from orthographic views alone. By using a 3D model, designers can view the facility from any direction and quickly visualize and understand the geometry of its construction.

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