Piping Sections and Elevations: What are they?

An occasional note or callout is the only reference to height measurements found on plan drawings. To supply more detailed information on height measurements, drawings called sections and elevations are developed. Height is the most important dimension on section and elevation drawings. Although these two terms have come to have synonymous meanings they are conceptually different.

The word elevation has a literal meaning of “height above sea level.” Both sections and elevations provide height measurements from an object to the ground(grade). The primary difference is that elevation drawings provide a view of the exterior features of a facility, while section drawings represent interior components of a facility that may not be visible from an exterior viewpoint.

Piping engineering is an emerging engineering science, although it has been there for years. As an academic discipline, piping engineering is rarely taught in universities. However, it is extremely important for the safety of plant, safety of the personnel, public, and also for maintaining the level of consistency in a facility. 

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