Isometric Dimensions, Notes, And Callouts

Length dimensions and informational notes or callouts are used on isometrics to define the pipe’s exact routing through a facility. Placement of dimensions on the drawing establishes precise lengths between fittings, valves, equipment connections, etc. Information such as coordinates, elevations, nozzle projection, pipe size, and pound rating are used to calculate lengths of a run of pipe.

Dimensions cannot provide all the information required to properly describe a piping isometric. Notes and callouts placed on the drawing provide significant information that may impact the purchase, fabrication, and erection of the configuration. Notes are used to denote pipe size and pound rating of fittings, flanges, and valves. Notes also specify insulation type and thickness, locations for pipe guides, anchors, or supports, as well as offset angles. Callouts stipulate instrumentation locations and size, specification breaks, and fabrication details. Any information that is pertinent to a particular pipe must be conveyed on the isometric.

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