Here We Come, Hyderabad!!

We’ve missed you Hyderabad and have gone the extra mile to keep you inspired.  We’re delighted to welcome you back ASTS Hyderabad really soon with proper safety measures & sanitization being followed. We are all set to resume our In-house training after a long break from 1st October while other classes will continue virtually and […]

Flow Diagrams and Types

Flow diagrams describe in a schematic drawing format the flow of fluids and gases through a unit or an entire plant. By using symbols to represent various pieces of equipment, the flow diagram provides the piping designer with an overall view of the operation of a facility. Process engineers are responsible for developing flow diagrams. […]


According to IS 875:1987 types of loads acting on a structure are Dead loads : Dead loads are permanent or stationary loads which are transferred to structure throughout the life span. Dead load is primarily due to self-weight of structural members, permanent partition walls, fixed permanent equipment and weight of different materials. The calculation of […]


These platforms are used either for drilling wells or as support for production wells or for both. There are several types and the choice is made based on usage, environmental conditions. Offshore platforms may be broadly classified into two types. Platforms Resting on Sea bottom − Piled Platforms: All steel towers fall under this category. […]

Shift your career to Naval Architecture

Human beings have always been fascinated by the high tides and vastness of oceans. Naval Architecture and Offshore Structural Engineering Training Program is ideal for those who wishes to  Start/ Shift their career as an offshore Structural Engineer, Naval Architect, Structural Designer, Offshore Structural analyst, Project manager in Marine, Offshore, Naval Architectural industry Sectors. Naval Architecture […]

Internship in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the world’s most astonishing cities, featuring amazing landscapes made up of palm-shaped islands and some of the tallest buildings in the world. It is also a hub for opportunities in business, consulting, technology, finance & accounting, architecture, marketing, real estate, tourism and hospitality.A Post-Graduate Diploma in Piping or Structural engineering from […]