Shift your career to Naval Architecture

Human beings have always been fascinated by the high tides and vastness of oceans. Naval Architecture and Offshore Structural Engineering Training Program is ideal for those who wishes to  Start/ Shift their career as an offshore Structural Engineer, Naval Architect, Structural Designer, Offshore Structural analyst, Project manager in Marine, Offshore, Naval Architectural industry Sectors.
Naval Architecture sector deals with the design, planning, making and repair of ships (merchant and military ships), ferries, boats, submarines, yachts, high-speed crafts and other marine vessels.
Offshore engineering deals with the design, planning, construction, and maintenance of offshore structures and installations such as – offshore drilling rigs, oil platform, floating structures, submerged pipelines, offshore wind farms, etc.
Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering graduates are trained in both of the above-mentioned areas. Our Marine and Offshore Engineering will ensure you are prepared for a successful career in this growing industry.
Aimed at both practicing engineers and recent graduates, this program is designed to equip students with the skills needed to work in a wide variety of roles in the offshore engineering sector, including oil and gas and renewables.
Our highly qualified and respected academic team combines specialist knowledge with relevant industrial experience. This combination of academic and professional expertise, as well as our well-established links with the industry and the worldwide maritime research sector, will help to ensure that you are well prepared to meet the opportunities and challenges of this expanding sector.
ASTS GLOBAL EDUCATION INC offers Naval Architecture and Offshore Structural Engineering Design and Analysis Training to Marine Engineers, Civil, Architectural, Naval, Structural Engineers. This Training program is based upon modern technologies of Offshore, Naval Engineering Design and Analysis methods with the help of relevant industry-leading software and technical experts from the industry. Join now.

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